Podcast I'm listing – June 2022 Edition

podcasts Jun 6, 2022
  • Darknet Diaries - Darknet Diaries is a podcast covering true stories from the dark side of the Internet. Stories about hackers, defenders, threats, malware, botnets, breaches, and privacy. Hosted by Jack Rhysider.
  • NoNamePodcast - the best Ukrainian Cyber-Security podcast, discussing news, takes interviews and covers various cyber-security related topic. Hosted by Vlad Styran, Tim Karpinsky – founders of Securit13 podcast and Ruslan Kiyanchuk.
  • Self-Hosted - Discover new software and hardware to get the best out of your network, control smart devices, and secure your data on cloud services. Self-Hosted is a chat show between Chris and Alex, two long-time “self-hosters” who share their lessons and take you along for the journey as they learn new ones.
  • Право на поплаву - an Ukrainain twitter community Space that became so big, that now has a main frontline show and specials. The main " frontlane" show format is a Q/A session with Taras Chmut, executive of Come Back Alive fund, and other fund team members. Moreover, there are specials on different topics such an economy, business, sociology, psychology, sport, cyber-sport & etc. Hosted by Oleh Novikov and Valerii Agieiev.
  • Мілітарний - a podcast about Ukrianian army, a side-project of Ukrainian Military Portal,
  • Srakadupa - the best Ukrainian comedy podcast. Sometimes jokes because so edgy, that the big part of Ukrainian Twitter community starts to hate one of the hosts. Hosted by Vlad Kapytsia, Egor Romanenko, Andrii Shchegel.